About Us

What we are all about

ClinLab is a Windows based, Internet and Web-enabled Laboratory information management system.
It acts as a data warehouse for all your lab results and includes reporting, data acquisition, label printing, electronic signoff and more.
It provides numerous interface capabilities to a multitude of reference labs and practice systems.
It can be used at a small practice, large practice, a reference laboratory and can be just as easily deployed at a full Internet presence lab.
ClinLab’s highly secure remote access features allows it to connect to multi-location databases to view patient orders and results from any location.
Clinlab is dedicated to help you improve your laboratory productivity and compliance, whether it be CLIA and/or CAP.

Our Business

The fully comprehensive ClinLab LIS was designed by medical technologists to provide a turnkey information system solution for the modern small to medium sized Clinical Laboratory. Based on Local Area Network (LAN) technology, the program may be interfaced to a variety of instruments and other systems. Special features of communication accommodate today’s marketplace providing remote access and printing.

The design is intended to increase productivity by allowing efficient, accurate data management with less effort. Most operations are “Table Driven” allowing Lab Management to set up and maintain a configuration specific to the particular requirements of the institution, while minimizing the clerical activity of technologists during their routine workday

Operations which are automatic during normal activity include:

  • Billing by procedure and CPT code
  • Printing to specific locations automatically
  • Remote printing via web to outlying sites
  • Automatic data transfer to Host systems
  • Access of data with security “electronically”

ClinLab offers a complete instrument technology interface package (Uni/Bi – Directional) for effective laboratory automation and provides interfaces to the most popular Hospital Information Systems and Group Practice Management Systems via standard HL7 and ASTM data formats.

Key Value Benefits


Customized to meet the specific needs of your laboratory.


Helps the labs communicate electronically with
physicians and other departments. Can easily interface with other information systems including HIS / Practice Management / EMR. Also supports bi-directional interfaces to national and regional reference labs.


Provides managers with a complete set of quality and control tools to meet the custom security needs of their facility as well as HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.


Cost effective laboratory information to acquire and maintain, while installation and training are made easy.

Our Clients