Frequently Asked Questions

Does Clinlab handle billing of lab tests directly ?

By procedure or CPT code. Clinlab offers many different billing interfaces to match your billing system. We can match formats of any system or even print billing records to send to your billing department


What capability does Clinlab have for patient reporting?

Clinlab has a very special capability in creating patient reports. Each location can have a special type of report associated with it. If you do patient reporting and health fairs, then you can easily have a very special color health fair report and numerous types of patient reports including 4 tier and 8 tier cumulative reporting. Any and all of the reports can be delivered as you demand automatically.


Are multiple barcode printers supported?

Clinlab supports as many barcode label printers as you have order stations. When printing your first label, you are presented with the barcode printer list and are able to select the printer that you wish to use that day. This setting stays all day so that you will not have to select it again, unless you need to.


What is expedite printing?

Expedite printing is an exclusive Clinlab offering. This printing system scans continuously for patient orders to be completed and prints reports to any device (lan printer, local printer, fax, web, etc) automatically based on completion of department or completion of entire sample. You never have to worry about printing patient reports again. The system does it for you as work is completed.


Who uses Clinlab?

Well that’s easy, anyone interested in a high-quality, cost effective LIS that will increase productivity while reducing the potential for errors.  Some great examples are:
Physicians office labs
Private reference labs
Student health centers